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Toddler Toddler

Your young child has secret tools for getting the comfort and care he needs from you! Evolution has provided babies with wonderful ways to get the loving attention and care that they need from you. Your baby's cry is his most primitive and powerful tool. When he cries from distress, you know to nurse him, change his diaper, or have a cuddle. More..

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  • Parents can use several tools to effectively offer guidance to their toddlers. There is nothing that calms a young child more than a parent’s comforting touch.

  • When a child requires help navigating a situation or emotion, especially frustration, stroking her back or head will have a calming effect that allows the child to remain steady through the emotion and learn to regulate it. Parents can also use touch to teach a toddler how to comfort herself.


Schoolage Schoolage

Customize homework rules. Personalities, temperaments, and academic needs vary and it's smart to take them into account when planning your strategy: Consider your child's most productive time, as well as the best place for him to work. More..

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  • The goal of discipline is to teach kids how to act appropriately in a family, with friends, in school and the community. Guide children in a responsible way so that they become competent, caring and contributing members of society.

  • Your children are taking in everything you do and copying the behavior they see. One of the best discipline techniques is simply paying attention to the way you act and modeling what you want them to learn.


Teen Teen

When young people feel unconnected to home, family, and school, they may become involved in activities that put their health at risk. However, when parents affirm the value of their children, young people more often develop positive, healthy attitudes about themselves. Although most adults want youth to know about abstinence, contraception, and how to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), parents often have difficulty communicating about sex. More..

Did u know this..?

  • WhEN children misbehave it is natural to get frustrated. However, adults should never spank, slap or hit a child. Children can be embarrassed or feel that they are not worth much when they are spanked or hit.

  • Frequently parents and other caregivers will “ground” or restrict activities for children’s misbehaviors. If the restriction is for not coming home on time, then the consequence is logical.


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