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Savings Savings

With globalization becoming the buzz word, these days women are getting numerous opportunities to reveal their potential, More..

Did u know this..?

  • Whether you're single or married or have a family, make sure you're aware of all decisions made regarding your finances. You should participate equally in planning and savings decisions.

  • In the event of a divorce, women should seek advice on their future budget and insist their ex-spouse provide adequate long-term, disability and life insurance coverages to protect any alimony in the event of death or disability.


Insurance Insurance

Men and women have the same basic financial needs. A plan is required for retiirement. We all need to make investments to More..

Did u know this..?

  • Women still earn 52% less than men doing comparable jobs in the workplace, Women live an average of 7 years longer than men, Almost 20% of women are saving nothing for retirement.

  • Woman's Life Insurance Society is prepared to help you make the financial decisions necessary to provide for your, as well as your family's, economic security now and in the future.


Budgeting Budgeting

If you have thought of or trying to prepare a budget for your home finances, and you are not sure of how to proceed, then maybe we can help you regarding your budget plans. More..

Did u know this..?

  • By keeping yourself and your bills organized, you can lessen chance you'll end up paying those costly fees and service charges that you end up paying simply because you are disorganized and simply didn't pay your bills on time.

  • When you get into a schedule to pay your bills, no matter how you decide on what days your family bill paying days will be, you'll reduce odds that you will accidentily miss a bill payment due date.


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