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Color Color

Comforting and Exciting Hues for the Home From all spicy color combinations to hues that will warm up the soul, 2007 color trends contain the palettes that will work independently as the “statement color” or as a subtle backdrop where home furnishings and accessories will take center stage. More..

Did u know this..?

  • While deciding on the bedroom color scheme, select the colors that make you feel serene and calm. If you are peace-loving kinds and appreciate sobriety, then you can go in for quiet muted colors. These colors are soothing and create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation.

  • There are number of options available to you in the category of cool hues,. However, for bedrooms colors like blue, green and lavender are the best .


Pets Pets

Stress can be releived by owning a dog or a cat. Pets are loved by everyone as they keep your loneliness away and keep you engaged. Learn Six reasons why pets are loved by everyone. One of the reasons is they help in reducing blood pressure. More..

Did u know this..?

  • A dog's normal internal body temperature is between 100.5 degrees F and 102 degrees F. Leaving a dog in a parked car in the summer cause heatstroke within minutes. over-exercising a dog during hot weather can cause Heat exhaustion . Both heatstroke and heat exhaustion can result in brain damage, heart failure or even death.

  • Dog's footpads can be burnt by ice-melting chemicals and salt placed across sidewalks and roads . Whenever possible, avoid walking your dog through these substances, and wash off his footpads when you return home.


Property Property

Securing home and other valuables is more important than accumulating wealth. Burglar look for opportunities to break into the house. We have to protect ourselves and property from them. More..

Did u know this..?

  • Your garden affects a great deal in beautifying your home but be cautious with big plants, shrubs and trees. It is also a good idea to put gravel near windows so you (or your dog) can hear if somebody is trying to peek inside.

  • Use inexpensive garden pots as indoor planter by painting and decorating them. Lights are deterrent to thieves. More than the inside light your exterior of your house when going to bed.

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