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Health & Insurance Products for TheGalz Visitors

Health Insurance is very important for all of us and is espacially important for professionals and families. It helps us in most important time of need of ours - when we feel ill and we do not know how much it will cost us.

Few most important points we need to remember while choosing a health insurance product are:-

  • Cash Less - Whether it is Cash less or Reimbursement Based. Cash less is always better.
  • Critical Illness - Most companies either do not cover Critical illness or cover them after few years only. Choose the one with max. coverage.
  • Family Floater - If you have a family, it better to go for Family Floater Plan, which will give more coverage to all members at much lesser premium cost.
  • Listed Hospitals - Its important that you have enough hospitals from YOUR CITY, already liked with the health insurance company, so that the claim is faster.
  • Overall Premium - The premium varies from company to company. Its important to get good company with reasonable premium amount.

So, Happy Health for you and your dear family.

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