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Health Health

Find Health suggestions. A detailed explanation about various disorders. diet tips, calorie and body mass calculators. A comprehensive study guide about prevalant health conditions. More..

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  • Beware of factors that rob you of a good night’s sleep: Arguments before bedtime, caffeine, sugar, vitamin C and intense exercise.To relax, take a hot bath, drink a cup of herbal tea or a glass of milk and read. A drop of lavender or orange oil on your sheets can also help bring sweet slumber.

  • More than four cups of caffeinated coffee each day can develop an irritated bladder . Caffeine in tea, chocolate and cola are also irritants.

Pregnancy & Baby

Pregnancy & Baby Pregnancy & Baby

Planning a pregnancy? Expecting? New parent?. We are always there to offer expert advice, compelete information and parent-to-parent support Is your baby due this week? If it's a boy, why not call him Valentine? Discover what it means in our great baby namer.There are simple ways to rediscover Romance even after the baby arrives.Discover the steps taken by BabyCentre members rekindled their love affairs. Keep an account of your kid's day to day activities including crafts, games, family dinner themes and more! More..

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  • Threatened Miscarriage:Some degree of early pregnancy uterine bleeding accompanied by cramping or lower backache. The cervix remains closed. Implantation results in bleeding.

  • Inevitable or Incomplete Miscarriage: Abdominal or back pain accompanied by bleeding with an open cervix. A dilation or effacement of the cervix and/or there is rupture of the membranes leads to miscarriage . If the miscarriage is not complete bleeding and cramps may persist .


Parenting Parenting

All parents desire their Children to prosper. By being able to make better decisions in life and avoid faulty choices is'nt an easy task. In our opinion the key in bringing up kids responsibaly lies in something called "Developmental assets. Large Index of affirmation and motivational tips and parenting tips from the experts at Search Institute designed to speak to the specific parenting issues facing you and your child or teenager from a positive, asset-building perspective. .Please note that this is not intended be an exhaustive list nor a limited number of careers and descriptions. It is a "sampler" and is meant to b provide girls an idea about their scope of , motivate them to explore ideas. that they may not have thought possible before. More..

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  • Structure. Children thrive on structure, routine, and ritual. When their world has a consistent rhythm, they feel secure in the predictability. Structure is present in the calming effect of a nightly bath followed by a bedtime story or A child feels proud when they complete the clean up that is expected after playtime.

  • Children who know what is expected of them and what they can expect from their world are more likely to develop a strong sense of self. It is important that parents be consistent in both their expectations and the structure they offer their children.

Work & Career

Work & Career Work & Career

Rather than opting out, Women use flexible work arrangements for career ... By doing so, they are ignoring an outdated career modal that was created for and by the white male managers white male managers who were building corporations after World War II. and offer ideas to succede in life. You donot have to be extraordinary to fit into the kind of work you desire- be firm to do it. More..

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  • During weekends a great way to keep home and work separate is to always focus on home activities , or at least on days off from work if you happen to work on weekends. When certain days are home days and other days are work days then it makes balancing work and home considerably easier.

  • Always make a plan to balance work and home . There are tons of tips that will help you, but there is nothing like making a plan and then following the plan to really balance work and home. It might be difficult, but if you have it planned out and follow the plan you will be surprised how easy you can find a balance.

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