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Growing Flowers

Growing Flowers Growing Flowers

Growing Annual Flowers
you can make it an everlasting beauty of your garden with innovative cultivation with a specially loved flower. Even though the climate and other conditions are not quite favorable you can enjoy the beauty of the flower of your choice. on the basis of their life cycle if the flowers are to be divided then there will be three divisions annuals, biennials, and perennials though you can certainly go out of your way and plant flowers according to your choice. Amazing results can be given by annually growing flowers with research and care.

Sowing flowers tolerant to the climate:
The annual flower types are again divided into hardy, half-hardy and tender annuals. Except hardy annuals other annual flower types are not very much able to bear the chilly weather. In winter Hardy annual flowers bloom . before the winter fall These flowers are sowed in the fall or during the spring. They cannot tolerate heat and cannot survive under the scorching heat. calendula, cornflower, foxglove, larkspur, pansy, sweet alyssum, stocks, viola, and many dianthus cultivars are some of the names of hardy annual flowers.

Half-hardy annuals can tolerate damp cold weather and are not able to survive the cold frost. They don't require warm soil to germinate as a result they are seeded after the last spring frost. baby's breath, bells of Ireland, blue sage, candytuft, celome, forget-me-nots, love-in-a-mist, snow-on-the-mountain, strawflower, and torenia are the examples of half-hardy annuals. in the summer Half-hardy annuals sometimes droop and at the end of the summer again blossom.

Warm regions are comfortable to Tender annuals and are contrary to the cold places. tender annual types seeds doesn't sprout in cool soil temperature rather it will rot. After three weeks of last spring frost it should be sowed. ageratum, balsam, begonia, celosia, coleus, globe amaranth, impatiens, marigold, morning glory, nasturtium, nicotiana, petunia, scarlet sage, verbena, vinca, and zinnia are examples of tender annuals. .

Biennial flower plant
during the fall and spring flowers grow more. biennial plants lifecycle begins during the fall continues all through the winter season and ends at spring. Biennial plants produce only leaves duringn the fall. They bloom in the spring, produce seeds after the winter period passes and then die. foxglove, hollyhock, stocks, and sweet williams are the examples of biennial flowers. biennial flowers disadvantage is that it produces too many leaves.

Growing Flowers
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