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Garden Lawn

Garden Lawn Garden Lawn

Garden has an integral part lawn. Some expert views are given on lawn care and it is tested and planned according to your usage. The part of lawn maintenance comes after construction which varies with the different l awn types. To embellish your garden with some tranquil green lawns,here are some tips on Garden lawn. These beautiful gardens can provide harmony to yor body and soul.

Some points on lawn care
In Generall there are two kinds of lawn grass although there are other intricate divisions. In cold and autumn Cool season grasses survives well. Bluegrass, rye grass etc are some of the prominent names.

Warm Season Grasses
On summer and hot places Warm season grasses, like Bermuda grass, St. Augustine grass, Zoysia grass grow better.

Lawn usage
You need to select tough and hard grasses if your lawn is meant for children to be playing or dogs moving. You need to first research how you are going to enjoy the lawn either by admiring its green beauty or using it for all-purpose.

Maintenance of the grasses
Some lawn grasses are very tender compared to others. if not watered frequently Rye grass will die. Whereas the tough climate can be survived

Garden Lawn
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