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Wall Hangings

Wall Hangings Wall Hangings

Hanging Art
Many home decorators are baffled by Hanging artwork. How high on the wall should a picture be hung. what color should the matting be, and how can you decide what goes where? the center point of the picture or grouping is at about eye level for the average person. This may not be possible in every situation, it's a good guideline to keep in mind. A grouping of pictures should be thought of as one unit is another technique to be remembered. To form the "outside" bundaries of a picture You can also lay out pieces of scrap molding (or tape) onto the floor. you'll find lots of photographs to illustrate a principle or tip for hanging artwork in the pages to come.

Dried Flower Wall Hanging
Thermocol or plastic tray
Dried Flowers (any small flower)
Sketch pen /marker
Glitters or sparkles different colours
Glue (Fevicol)

For making this design take a piece of thermocol that we get with fruits packed from shops or any plastic tray. The tray is kept upside down. With marker, draw border lines and put dots with sketch pen or sparkles.

Drying flowers
Pace the fresh flowers on a peper and cover them with another paper. With an iron box iron it on top. With a brush glue the dried flowers to the thermocol sheet. On the top of the tray make two holes. Pass a thick thread through the hole and make a loop and hang it on the wall.

Empty cardboard tube or any type of plastic container
Thin Cardboard
Patterned paper of your choice
2 or 3 Pencils

The height and circumference of the pot should be measured. From the pattern paper cut out the pieces in the same measurement, the height being slightly larger. Wallpaper, wrapping paper or marbled paper could be used. Roll the paper in the shape of a cylinder with the front side inside. Apply glue on the back side of the pattern cylinder.Carefully slot into the inside of the pot, pressing it around the inside walls of the pot. Cut darts on the excess paper at the top and glue them down to the outside one by one. Take the other piece of pattern paper and stick it to the outside so that the edge is level with the top of the pot. Once again the excess length darts should be cut at the bottom and glue them onto the base. Now the base of the pot should be traced on a thin cardboard and should be cut slightly smaller. Glue on patterned paper on both sides of this circle and drop it inside the pot as base. Now you can use your pencil pot. To make the matching pencils cut out a strip of the patterned paper. Apply glue on the back side and place the pencil at one edge and roll tightly and carefully. Trim the paper where necessary. Your lovely pencil pot is ready.

Wall Hangings
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