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Why women need the GYN Exam

Why women need the GYN Exam

Your life can be saved by GYN exams. Sexual and reproductive health is protected by them. Illness and discomfort can be prevented by periodic GYN exams. breast cancer and precancerous growths of the cervix can be detected earlier when thaey are more curable with the help of GYN exams. More..

Why women need the GYN Exam

GYN exams
GYN exams

Many Cornell women come to Gannett for their annual exams because: they want to take charge of their health they know illness and discomfort will be prevented with routine gynecological care All women who are sexual activity or have reached 21 years of age are recommended this exam. medical attention is required by them for their pain and discomfort. More..

GYN exams


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