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Meditation Tips

Meditation Tips Meditation Tips

Some Tips to Help Your Meditation
Controlling Your Breath At no time during practice of this technique should you make any effort to control breath. Let it flow naturally. Gradually, you may notice that pauses between inhalation and exhalation are becoming longer. Enjoy these pauses, for they are a glimpse of deep peace state of advanced meditation. As you grow very calm you may notice that breath is becoming so shallow (or pauses so prolonged) that it hardly seems necessary to breathe at all.

How Long to Practice The amount of time you practice is entirely up to you but end your practice of technique by taking a deep breath, and exhaling three times. Then, keeping your mind focused and your energy completely internalized and try to feel peace, love and joy within your self. Sit for at least five minutes enjoying deeply relaxed state you are in.

Where to Meditate If possible, set aside an area that is used only to meditate. This will create a meditative mood. A small room or closet is ideal as long as it can be well ventilated. Your area can be kept very simple-all you really need is a chair or small cushion to sit on.

Posture for Meditation There are many ways of sitting that are equally good. You can sit either in a straight-backed chair or on floor in any of several poses. Two things, however, are essential: Your spine must be straight, and you must be able to relax completely.

Eye Position Focus your attention at point between eyebrows. This area, called "the spiritual eye," is a center of great spiritual energy. Your eyes should be closed and held steady, and looking slightly upwards, as if looking at a point about an arm's length away and level with top of your head.

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This is an abbreviated explanation of Hong-Sau technique of concentration taken from Lessons in Meditation from Ananda Course in Self-Realization. It is technique using mantra Hong-Sau and has been practiced by students of yoga for millennia. Such techniques have a scientifically proven effect on brain and body, and are also spiritually very helpful.

Meditation Tips
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