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Facials Facials

DRY Facials for Summer

From your kitchen shelf (or mom's), to raiding your refrigerator to rummaging in your girlfriend's magic bag of face packs (most women have one), to going grocery shopping for your face.... this summer is all about good you can make from stuff at home, right at home!

1. Take unboiled milk, apply it on your face with cotton, and leave it for 5 minutes and wash. (For normal skin).
2. Mix besan (gram flour) with rose water, apply on face and wash with water after 5 minutes. (Oily skin).
3. Wheat bran (chokker) + honey, mix it and massage for 5 minutes and wash. (Normal skin to dry skin).
4. Grated dry almond + rose water + wheat bran (chokker), mix and massage for 5 minutes and wash with water. (Dry skin).
5. Lemon juice + ground pulses + rose water, apply on face and wash after 5 minutes. (For oily skin).
6. Boil tea leaves with plain water and clean face with it. It's refreshing for all skin types.
7. Cucumber juice + tomato juice, apply and wash after 5 minutes.
8. Take mix fruit juice (home-made) for cleansing. Apply juice and wash with plain water after 5 minutes. (All skin types).

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