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Acne problem

Acne problem Acne problem

People with oily skin especially children, teenagers and young adults are affected by Acne a skin condition . It is characterized by cysts or pimples such as blackheads and whiteheads. Acne results when skin oils accumulate below keratin plugs in openings of hair follicles and oil glands. These plugs get clogged with irritating secretions and bacteria.

any of following conditions can cause acne.:

  • Increases in hormone levels during puberty, menstruation or pregnancy
  • Taking medication such as birth control pills, anti depressant medication such as lithium or steroids

Acne can be treated or avoided in one or more of following ways:

  • washing often with a warm washcloth and soap several times a day. An abrasive soap or scrub is more effective than plain soap.
  • Using medication containing benzoyl peroxide for mild acne
  • Avoiding oily greases and creams on skin
  • Men should soften their beard before shaving and also not shave against grain
  • See a doctor about prescribing an antibiotic

Acne problem
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