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Beauty within Food

Beauty within Food Beauty within Food

Points to be taken care

  • 1. Break out the self-tanner. Apply light shade to your face, such that it looks natural.

  • 2. skin can look dull by the accumulation of dead skin cells. Slough them off to give a fresh look.

  • 3. Moisturise your skin with a light layer of lotion (try one with sunscreen for day).

  • 4. 4. Wear gel blush. Its sheer, see-through color looks fresh and authentic.

  • 5. Try whipped foundation. It adds luminosity to skin better than matte foundation. Many whipped formulas are oil-free, too.

Skin diet:
A radiant glowing skin, thick lustrous hair, healthy nails & bright sparkling eyes is desired by everyone. The food plays a significant role in acheiving this. Reduced intake of water causes blotchy, dull skin & acne 7-8 glasses of water should be consumed everyday. during the refining process, the Vitamin B proteins and fibres are removed and therefore replace flour with wholegrains. A good healthy skin can be acheived through balanced diet with sufficient amount of carbohydrate and require quantity of vitamins and minerals.

Role of Proteins:
Proteins play an important role in repairing body tissues. Protein defeiciency causes dull and dry skin. Diet should be carefully planned by vegetarians to include protein rich food such as soya soya beans, sprouts, cheese, milk, grains, peas & beans. Freshly made cheese from toned milk is an excellent source of protein for the vegetarians. Sprouted beans are enormously rich in nutrition as both the Vitamin B and C content increases as much as 40% during sprouting. If porridge sounds to drab, make it interesting by adding the fruit of your choice to it. Include yogurt in your meals. This dairy product contains bacteria which keeps intestines clean, giving a healthy glow to your skin.

Carbohydrates for beautiful skin:
Carbohydrate rich food has no value. On the contrary, it can cause acne, poor circulation and obesity. So instead of sugar include brown sugar or honey. Body toxins are removed and help purify the blood. nutrients such as vitamins and fibre get removed by , during refining. refined carbohydrates like cause the problem are white flour and white bread. Thus they provide large enmpty calories. Immediate energy supplies are not satisfied by excess carbohydrates and thus stored as fat.

Fat is required in lesser amounts, but a right proportion is required for soft and supple skin.

Vitamins for beautiful skin :
Premature ageing can be prevented with the helpof right proprtion of vitamins. Healthy and glowing skin can be acheived through including right amount of vitamins in your diet.

Fibre for beautiful skin:
Fibre rich foods such as peels & rinds of fruits and vegetables and the outer layers of grains and pulses, promote radiant flossy skin and clear eyes. Fibre is very important indigestible carbohydrate.

Beauty within Food
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