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How to get quick, contemporary curls?

How to get quick, contemporary curls? How to get quick, contemporary curls?

How to protect my colored hair from the sun?

  • Before the beach or the pool, apply Color.smart Nourishing Shine Cream through wet hair to help protect it against UV damage, chlorine and salt water.
  • Immediately after swimming, shampoo with Color.smart Shampoo
  • Apply Color.smart Nourishing Shine Cream before styling. It's a leave-in that provides nonstop protection - like a sun block for hair.

How to get quick, contemporary curls?
After shampoing, apply Curl.life Spiraling Spray-Gel and comb through the ends. Section the top layer of hair into 3 high ponytails - one at the back and one on each side of head - leaving hair underneath loose. Secure with twist ties and dry with a diffuser. Release hair and shake.

How to get my hair flat to full in seconds?
After shampoing, spray Amplify Foam Volumizer into palm of hand. Dip two fingers into foam and apply to the front and sides of the scalp, concentrating on the area where volume is needed most. Emulsify the remaining foam by rubbing hands together. Pull through hair all the way to the ends. Style as usual.

How to get my hair from Sleek to Chic in seconds?
Quickly blow dry hair. Spray 1-2 pumps of Sleek.look Iron Smoother® onto hair. Smooth back into low ponytail, secure with elastic band. Spray the tail with pump of Sleek.look Iron Smoother® and straighten with a flat-iron. I need more volume in my hair! My hair is so flat!

My hair is so flat, besides using a volumizing shampoo, is there anything else I can do?
In addition to using the Amplify Volumizing system, ask your stylist to give you long layers! Long layers will give your hair movement and a lot of volume.

How to get quick, contemporary curls?
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