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Foundation Foundation

This website gives utmost information about the skin care and all the disorders of skin. A perfect palette is provided by the good foundation for your makeup. It also helps conceal wrinkles and imperfections, and protects your skin from dust and pollution. Today's foundations are packed with added benefits like vitamins, moisturizers, and SPF protection . choosing one that is right for your unique skin from a vast vareity of skin care products. So, how do you know what type of foundation matches your skin.

The right color.
a woman whose face is an entirely different shade than her neck! is unattractive. The color of your face should not be changed by the foundation. A smooth canvas is provided by the foundation on which you can apply makeup. This said, when choosing your foundation shade, you must find one that exactly matches the color of your skin. It should blend in seamlessly with a completely natural look. . Select a few that you think are closest to your face colour. The foundation should be applied in dabs along with the jawline. Both the colour of your face and neck should match. Foundations with a yellow undertone will be best for Indian skin. If you are very fair a ponk foundation matches your skin colour. The right kind of foundation blends well with the natural colour.

The right formula.
Skin type and coverage goal should be considered first, while applying foundation. your skin type will often dictate which formulation is right. Different brands of foundation offer sheer to heavy coverage with matte to satin finishes.A daytime sheer coverage is appled during the daytime a heavier coverage that will hold your evening makeup well is worn on a black outfit.

Normal Skin
all sorts of foundations ranging from powder, cream-to-powder, liquid, tinted moisturizers, matte, or dewy formulas can be handled by the normal skin.

Normal/Combination Skin

A liquid or cream-to-powder foundation with a natural finish looks best for combination skin. They have moisturizers and are oil free at the same time and thus are called "skin balancing" products.

Oily Skin
Stick with an oil-free, liquid or powder foundation with matte finish for oily skin as it minimizes the shine. These products are usually marked "oil control". Apply an oil-free primer with a damp wedge sponge prior to foundation to create an even canvas. Use a matte, oil-free foundation that's labeled "non-comedogenic" and "won't clog pores". a regular cream concealer and use a loose powder (since they have fewer oils than pressed is to be chosen. Formula foundations and pressed powders should not be illuminated. With the help of oil-blotting papers, shine on the face can be removed.

Dry Skin
If you have drier skin, select creamier formula with dewy finish that offers moisturizing benefits and soft gleam. They are usually marked "moisturizing". A créme or mousse foundation can be chosen for dry skin. Avoid matte, oil-free formulas and loose powder, as they can settle in fine lines.

Sensitive Skin
For Sensitive Skin, select makeup especially made for sensitive skin which are usually oil-free, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, and allergy tested for skin irritancy. A liquid foundation with silicone or a natural mineral foundation is to be chosen. labels that are specific to sensitive skin and contain key phrases such as "non-allergenic" and "fragrance-free" will be present.

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