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How to take care of your Hair

How to take care of your Hair How to take care of your Hair

The main problem affecting long hair is breakage, which becomes short, fly away strands, or split ends. From the moment you wake to the time you go to sleep and even as you sleep, there are many activities that can damageyour hair and make them fall.

One of the key reason is less care- for example improper brushing and washing and infrequent trimming. Poor nutrition, stress and even restless sleeping can also add to their damage. The problem is less Knowledge

about their hair care. Right knowledge and proper maintenance, you can have long, beautiful locks.The Long Hair Care Group recommends the following:

Finger Raking
Snarls and tangles should be removed upon waking up. Use the back of the hand and run throuh the hair to remove them.

Proper Brushing
Bend forward, allowing hair to fall. Using only a wooden base natural bristle brush, such as our Long Hair Brush, bring hair from the nape of the neck over the head and down to the ends. Then, stand straight again with hair falling normally and brush from the underside of the hairline down the strands to the ends. Now, brush the top layers into place with long, even strokes. After each stroke, smooth hair with hands to reduce static. Increase the number of strokes weekly, starting with five and increasing by one a week until you find a comfortable routine. If oiliness develops, reduce strokes. Dry hairshould be brushed . Brushing can easily damage the wet hair. Alway comb befor brushing.

Never pull or yank hair. Separate hair into separate hair into smaller sections. With a wide tooth comb, carefully work from the ends in downward direction only. wooden or tortoise shell comb is preferred.

Air-dry whenever possible.

Wind hair aound hair rollers regularly. Electric rollers, hot combs and curling irons can harm your hair. The safest and fastest methodof drying hem iscurling or barelling.

coat with a light conditioner such as our Time Released Moisturizer before shampooing, If your hair is dry and brittle, wet hair. protect the hair strand, with such a moisturiser which acts as a buffer. Remove dirt through gentle sudsing.We recommend using our Body Essence Shampoo. It cleans the hair without damaging its natural oils. Blood supply can be increased to scalp and roos by regular massaging. On an as need basis, we recommend using our Detoxifying Shampoo to remove unwanted residues from styling products and the environment.

comb conditioner such as our Seaweed Pac to be used before going out to the pool. Protection against chlorine, sun, salt water and sun's heat is provided and serves as a deep conditioning treatment.

Trimmimg hair on a regular basis is essential. This can maintain style and keep the hair in shape.

Never condition the scalp, Conditioner must be applied from ears down.

Your hairstyle expresses your individuality conventional styling products contain alcohol or other harsh chemicals and often tend to harm hair.

Hair is affected by the way we sleep. Hair gets damaged by restless sleepers. Restless sleepers can use satin pillow rather than cotton to avoid breakage.

Hair Growth
Hair grows at a rate that is in accordance with the body's chemistry. Eat a well balanced diet that keeps hair healthy. Regular trimming of split ends is necessary. Use conditioners, non toxic, non harmful shampoos.

How to take care of your Hair
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